Buy an old domain name or make a new one?

Started by Plan, Aug 03, 2022, 11:11 AM

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Buy an old domain name or make a new one?

Where is the best place to buy a domain name for less?


What does new mean? If the domain is in your country zone, then a domain that has no history at all, it will be something like this Any, more or less short and beautiful domain. .com .net .info, etc. will have a history. And there is no particular problem here.
But to be a little safe, you can also look at the backlinks to it, for example, through a megaindex. If it has normal links, then there is no problem.
Or then, take from new domain zones. But then it will not be a rush. So, most likely, if the website is for the not-english speaking audience, there will be fewer direct visits. After all, users rarely remember the tail, especially if the tail (domain zone) is exotic.

Generally, if the website is just for training, then you can buy a domain for a year, cheap. There are now domains for registration for $1 apiece, for registration for a year. in the .icu zone
There were also free third-level domains that could be attached to your hosting, but the one I had has already died ( zone), I don't know what is relevant now.


What's the point of buying? To have a story? But this will not be the story of your site. In my opinion, it is better to create a new one - you will never know if the purchased domain is included in some blacklists that are important to you.


When you have decided on your niche and an action plan for your web site, buying the appropriate domain can be a daunting task.
Let's take an example that you want to write about WordPress tutorials. Here are some good names for a WordPress blog — learnWP or . You may recall .com, .net, .org or any top-level domain extensions for these names, such as or .

When you search for these names, you will be surprised that almost all the names have already been taken by someone else.
Every day, people register a million new domains to block names. 95% of domain buyers will never create websites and publish them on the Internet. However, they will sell the domain name to others at a good price and receive a commission from the sale. This is called the domain translation business.
Instead of looking for a new domain name, you can search for the old domain to find the names that are right for you. The old domain can help you in the following ways:

It's easy to get a high ranking on Google if the domain name has already been popular for certain content. For instance, it would be great if you could find the name for his WordPress site, which is 16 years old.
You can get a high domain authority with the appropriate domain .
The domain is your trademark. People remember the domain to contact you and share the content with others. Established domain names can help you spread information about your blog quickly.
Therefore, having the appropriate domain and content can help you succeed online. A good idea is to get an old name to use the previous domain name history.


Hi. I don't see any advantage in buying the old name. Unless it's a level name facebook, gmail, Otherwise, you run the risk of buying the old problems of former domain owners along with the name for little money. You need to buy only in 3 cases.
1. You are creating a temporary site and you are not interested in the problems of the former owners.
2. You are a beginner and do not understand the risks.
3. you are not able to come up with anything critical on your own, and your budget or conscience does not allow you to pay for the work.
In any case, you need to know the history of the old site well. Treat it like buying your own home.

Julio Hancock

If you buy a short domain name with a beautiful sound, then in 80% of cases this name has a history. However, there is a choice - instead of the common zone .com, .net and others, use new domain names. Yes, such a domain name will cost more, but you will be the first owner of it.
What to choose - a new domain name or an old one? It all depends on your goals. There are times when you need an old domain name (especially for making money on advertising). If you need a site to build a brand, then spend the time and money to make sure the site doesn't have a bad story.

Michael Walker

Almost all domains have a history, of course, with the exception of completely new zones (created less than a year). This is due to the fact that more or less readable names are either in conservation by traders or have been corrupted by their owners. Despite this, I would recommend to buy either "abandoned" domains, or buy real hands. The second option is preferable, since the owner can directly provide you with the information you are interested in - the life and history of the domain, transitions, etc.
With a new domain, everything is more complicated. With an empty history, it's hard to promote, but you can not be afraid of a ban in the search engine. Of course, there are difficulties in finding the right name, but again, you can pick up a good name in a new zone.