Buying a Domain, DNS Broker, Through Escrow

Started by xiaolanzhuji, Jul 11, 2022, 12:29 PM

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I have a domain that is selling through DNS, located in the .com zone.
We agreed on a price, agreed to use Escrow. The cost of the domain is not small, payment by bank transfer from Ukraine to Beneficiary Bank: HSBC Bank Bermuda, Correspondent Bank: HSBC Bank USA, N.A.

Payment is in dollars and rather big, the currency is purchased through the NBU and all transactions are shown in the tax office.
As a result of the transaction, I need to have an invoice, signed contracts, acts of work performed for all payments (escrow commission).

I communicate with the broker via Skype. We can't come to an understanding of what an act of completed work is and why I need these signed documents.
He does not understand explanations about complex legislation. Do they not provide for acts of completed work, or does he simply not want paperwork?
The second point - if I purchase the domain, there is a TM under this name. Is there a possibility that, under pressure from the TM owners, I will have to give up the domain?
What are the other difficulties of owning a domain in the .com zone?


There may be risks if the name was stolen before, for example, it would be nice to google it.
See when the last whois change was, for example, through this service:
If the transaction does not take place, there is a risk of losing money sent back and forth on the commission, and both DNS and companies are quite reliable and respected, they know their business.

To lose a domain in a UDRP lawsuit, a TM owner must first file a lawsuit for $1,400 + attorney fees.
In case of defeat, this claim can be challenged in a normal court.
Therefore, if you are afraid of international companies, it is better to keep the domain with a Ukrainian registrar in order to conduct final proceedings on the home court in a Ukrainian, where a small foreign company wants to go at all.

And, accordingly, if you have this TM registered in Ukraine, the chances of foreigners will greatly decrease, it will be necessary that you completely violate their interests by using this domain. And also, ask local lawyers.


I'm trying to buy a ready-made web site on Escrow. I found a trading website on the Exchange marketplace, discussed everything with the seller.
But difficulties arose. To start a transaction, you need to specify the seller's email and the category in which the product is located (apparently which store belongs to). The list of offered categories does not include the one indicated on the page where this online store is sold. The seller's email is also not listed anywhere there. I ask him, he says that all the necessary data is on Shopify. I climb into the Escrow technical support, they answer me with links to the manual, where nothing is said about that.
I don't understand anything. There is no normal detailed guide to go straight through the steps with an explanation of where to get what from or where.