Created a similar domain and take away customers

Started by fallfro, Nov 24, 2022, 01:42 AM

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fallfroTopic starter

There is an individual entrepreneur registered in 2012, a working web site was created.
This year, another site with the same name appears, but in a different domain zone,
with a different logo, in which the domain name is present.

That is, two sites have the same names, but in different domain zones.
The owner of the second site registered the logo along with the domain name as a trademark.
The owner of the first site of course not.
Both sites sell approximately the same products.
The question itself is what to do? I mean, what can be done?


lawyers should be contacted with a reasonable complaint to the court and to search engines to block web site.

In general, it is recommended to create a domain cloud, that is, to buy domain names that are consonant with the main domain in different domain zones.
Yes, it is expensive, but minimizes such collisions.

Joseph Berrington

I Had such a bad experience. I will say right away that in 80% of cases a site that has been registered without a trademark will lose legal disputes. There is no single mechanism that will prohibit the registration of identical domain names in a different zone, although there are some legal levers of pressure. In any case, the only way to prove something is to go to court, but first it is better to consult an experienced lawyer dealing with Internet real estate and intellectual property disputes.