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Started by brantelyolivia1320, Nov 25, 2022, 09:32 AM

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By analogy with the services of website designers or blog services in which the client can link the domain to they page.
Simply put, I have a service where each user who created an account has his own page, and can link the domain name purchased from the registrar by entering my dns ( , ) to this page

Thus having an address he can bind by entering my ns servers at the registrar and open the page at

How to implement this? Is it possible to make a simple variation on a virtual hosting? Or is VDS extremely necessary?
As I understand it, you need to raise your dns server..
If it's not difficult, push the essence of the solution.


On the dns server side:

    install bind and configure its operation on MySQL or any other SQL database
    generate text configs for bind (or any other dns server)
to make a config where, in any case, anyone who requests any domain from this DNS should be sent to the list of IP belonging to the service.

In all three cases, the server's slave will need to be configured in the same way as the master.
That is, it is unlikely that you will have a bundle where you will generate a master, and the slave will be more stupid and take zones from the master without knowing their list.

On the web server side:
If we are talking about a vps/vds/collocation/dedication server, then you can:

    generate nginx configs of virtual hosts
    generate apache configs of virtual hosts
    make a default setting for a certain script and already in the script to include a directory with a domain
, look in the nginx/apache settings (or whatever web server you use there) for the ability to include a host in the path address - I'm sure there should be such a thing.

I'm sure you can come up with two or three more cases on this topic.