How to sell domains faster?

Started by cassie_camay, Aug 22, 2022, 12:33 AM

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cassie_camayTopic starter

I have a collection of 180 domain names, mostly .com. I invested about $8,000 in them. Thought to earn a penny. Purchased at auctions.

It's been 4-5 months since the acquisition, and only 2 domain names have been sold. Now I'm not thinking about profit, but about how to get my money back as quickly as possible.

Who has any ideas how to quickly sell these domains. Where to post? To whom to offer?
Domain topics are different.

Thank you.


Just post the entire domains list for evaluation in the appropriate section of the forum and according to the Rules!
There you will be appreciated and advised!
At the same time, you will learn a lot of new things.

Zhess Flatcher

Just set the price to 2/3 of the amount you paid for them ;D . Well, this is certainly the worst option. In general, you need to think about why they are not sold after purchase (I give advice - the time to defrost has not yet come). There are many ways to get money back, from creating and promoting sites under these domain names, ending with good PR for these domain names.


Perhaps you are placing these ads on the wrong advertising platform where you need to. But most likely they were sold to you at an auction for a couple of times more expensive than their cost.

Zhoshua Adrian

Of course, it is best to sell according to the principle of a person - a person, well, maximum through a trusted person (do not forget about the fee of 15%), but if the situation is that the names are not popular, then you can try to sell through an auction (yes, there is also a fee, but what to do?). I recommend Here they sell and buy both cheap names for $15, and for a couple of thousands (I myself sold a couple of pieces here for $3,000). You can try your luck at

Anthony Brooks

There is no way that you can immediately sell your domain names, but there are many ways and mechanisms that will speed up the search for potential buyers. The first is smm. Social networks are a good source for finding clients and advertising their domain names. The second is one-pagers. One-page sites are a good funnel for luring buyers. And finally, thematic forums and a website (if there are really a lot of domain names).