Legal "weaning" of the .com domain

Started by lincon, Jan 23, 2023, 10:19 AM

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The situation is as follows:
1. There is a TM, registered since 04.03.2015. For example, lasbeach (the TM itself in the form of an image, the expression lasbeach on it)
2. TM registration applies only to USA according to the data
3. Registered domain name .
- Registration date 15.03.2015
- Now the domain is in
- - Hosting is also in USA
1. Can the TM owner claim the domain and eventually take it away?
2. If you prohibit access to the site from American IP - will it still be able to?
3. Are there any options to save the domain and secure it from being transferred to the TM owner.


maybe you're very good at domain disputes.

if you try and prove that the scope of use is different, it may work out, but spending on a lawyer is $ 2k the very minimum, so you are never lucky and starts from $ 6k.


Weaning by court order is very possible.
The USAs have devoured more than one pack of dogs on domain disputes, and very expensive ones.
Moving to another domain zone, though .de, though .tk - of course to postpone the execution of the claim, but it will not completely insure. Although most likely, after that, the TM owner will simply lose interest in the domain name.