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Started by amitkedia, Nov 12, 2022, 01:59 AM

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amitkediaTopic starter

Perhaps the question will seem strange. But I'm still going to ask.
We have a web studio. The domain is 2 years old (in the COM domain zone), but we are starting to unwind only. I recently found out that there is a pоrn site in the .de zone with the same domain name.
What should I do? it generates content not weakly (judging by google pictures)
We obviously have less so far. But how will this affect the reputation?


In general, this is a very bad advertisement.
80% of people are turning to sites through Google hammering domain in the search box.
And many of them may notice a pоrn site with your name in the output, which will create a very shitty impression about the company.
Conduct a survey with clients - offer them five or six other domains and names. On the other hand, it doesn't matter who has a domain similar to yours - if your product or service is worth it, then nothing will interfere.