Top 9 most expensive domain names

Started by prctshplc, Oct 27, 2022, 10:12 AM

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prctshplcTopic starter - $ 2,100,000
Year of sale: 2007 sold at auction domain names T.R.A.F.F.I.C. / Moniker in October 2007. Then at the same auction they almost sold another for $3 million, but this amount was considered not to correspond to the price reserves set by DomainRich. - $ 2,470,000
Year of sale: 2012

fо bought at the beginning of the year for $2.45 million. - $ 2,600,000
Year of sale: 2011

The deal was brokered with Moniker in July 2011. - $ 2,750,000
Year of sale: 2004

ClickSuccess LP, a company that sells various financial products online, has acquired for $2.75 million. It was the most expensive domain sold that year. - $ 2,858,945 *
Year of sale: 2008

The domain was acquired by Unister GmbH also for the promotion of its resources , and .

 *Shopping.The de was sold in 2008 for 1,960,000 euros, in dollar terms then it was $2,858,945. - $ 3,000,000
Year of sale: 2009

The domain was acquired by G&J Holdings for $3 "sweet" million. But the most expensive that year was still , who earlier bought ToysRUs for $5.1 million. - $ 3.000.000
Year of sale: 2006

The Russian billionaire, who founded the country's largest vodka production, bought the domain in December 2006. - $ 4,900,000
Year of sale: 2008

Zappos gave for the domain almost 5 million dollars. Now this domain is owned by Amazon. - $ 5,100,000
Year of sale: 2009

ToysRUs paid just over $5 million to have a recognizable domain name. Just a few months later, for $3 million, it was then sold and . - $ 5,500,000

Year of sale: 2010
As TechCrunch noticed at the time, $5 million is just over a million for one letter in a domain name. - $ 7,500,000
Year of sale: 2006 transferred the domain to the ownership of an online jewelry store , thus concluding a private sale of one of the most expensive domain names in history.
 pо - $ 9,500,000
Year of sale: 2007

At the time of the transaction, pо was the most expensive domain ever sold. Moniker helped sell the domain to MXN Limited. Now this domain is the second most expensive sеx domain after sе , which three years later was bought for $13 million. - $ 9,989,950
Year of sale: 2008

Clek Media was the intermediary in this transaction, in the reality of which very few people believed at that time.

  sе - $ 13 million .
Year of sale: 2010

sе got into the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive domain that has ever been sold. Escom LLC sold it to Clover Holdings Ltd.


I remember a long time ago openly promoted the domain .tj - Tajikistan) They say - buy 2 letter domains like, in a couple of years they will cost many times more) I remember then I even took 2 two-letter books for myself, by the way, a year later they were no longer needed by anyone, and the procedure for re-registration is the wildest hemorrhoid, and actually to whom did they give up at all?
there was also a case when google forgot to renew its domain and the dude bought it for $12

Gregor Bishop

You have listed only small "fish". The fattest catch came in 2004-2009. Here's an example - It sold for 47.9 million and for 30.9 million. I will say more - there is also a VIP segment, which has almost a hundred, and some more 100 millions of dollars for the site - (348 million !!!!).
Unfortunately or fortunately, but now there are no such sales. There were about 8 sales in 2022 and they did not go beyond $2 million. My favorite site is, which was sold for 1.5 million.

vpnyadav and — the most expensive national domain — was purchased in January 2001 for $5 million. It was acquired for the same amount by the venture capital firm WashingtonVC in 2006 . It was bought by a retailer selling children's toys ToysRUs in March 2008 for $5.1 million.

  cа and
Almost entered the top ten most expensive domains cа and , acquired in 2004 and 2010, respectively. Each of the addresses cost the buyers $5.5 million. it was sold in 2003 for $7 million by Thought Convergence, but now instead of a website at this address, you can only see a "stub". and and  The cost of each of the addresses was $7.5 million.

Joseph Berrington

And what about this year's sales? Were there fat cats? This topic is very interesting for statistics, because 2018-2022 brought a lot of "miracle" and "joy", well, it's clear that it's in a bad way. I know about a fairly large sale - for 15 million and for 10 million. With NFT, everything is clear - those who are engaged in commercial activities on the Internet could not help but hear about it, but were there any other big sales?