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Started by anya_catherine, Jul 30, 2022, 01:11 AM

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I'm interested in different types of monetization. Is advertising suitable for all types of sites? And what about traffic? Is it working everywhere? Which is the most profitable type of monetization now available? Will be grateful for any help :D

Samuel Bawerman

On this occasion, you need to read a longread on the topic of making money on traffic.
In short, it all depends on traffic - both on quality and quantity. You must understand that not all types of advertisements will suit a site, for example, which is focused on sales. The same applies to advertising, but here everything is more democratic and in which case you can smooth out the "corners".
If we talk about what type of monetization is the most profitable, then everything is complicated here too - from my own experience I will say that if the traffic is directed and purchasable, then it is better to focus on affiliate marketing advertising, and if it is of low quality, then it is better to focus on contextual advertising from Google.


The monthly traffic indicator on your site exceeds 50,000? In this case, try to refuse to display ads in Google AdSense in order to start showing programmatic ads using Header Bidding technology.
Of course, the question immediately arises: why change something?
The answer is obvious: with the help of advertising software, the site owner will be able to earn more.

For instance, in the USA, Header Bidding has long been not a trend, but a new reality.
According to various sources, more than 70% of major Western resources have switched to this technology. A good confirmation that the display of programmatic advertising is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to generate passive income.

Let's see how Header Bidding and Google AdSense differ.
In AdSense, your advertising inventory is sold only by Google. And when using Header Bidding, advertising inventory is added to several demand partners at once.
Here the situation is formed by the auction rule. Many buyers, including the top exchange for the purchase of Google AdX advertising inventory, simultaneously participate in the auction, stimulating a competitive environment. Competition is growing and Google is forced to raise rates, increasing the publisher's total revenue from advertising.

Thus, Google AdSense is a very good start for young sites with low organic traffic.
But as soon as you start growing, think about switching to Header Bidding as a more promising option for monetizing the resource. By the way, the advantage of Header Bidding is especially important in relation to video advertising, since demand for this type of advertising inventory significantly exceeds supply.

Despite the differences of opinion, there is really nothing shameful about asking your readers for support. Anyway, it's much better than bombarding them with intrusive advertising. Moreover, if you are a creative and extraordinary person and run a personal blog, then you probably have your own fan group, whose members are sometimes ready to donate to the development of your website.

Technically, it is easy to implement tools for accepting donations. For example, you can place two separate buttons on the panel (for periodic sponsorship and for one-time donations), as it does:

I have been investing a lot of time, thoughts, love and resources in Brain Picks, which remains free (and without advertising) and exists thanks to patronage."

Subscription to premium content
The subscription model is becoming a monetization trend. The technique where you give users access to exclusive content is called premium content subscription. In this case, the term "premium" refers to the quality of articles and other content that is worth paying for.
For instance, Forbes uses a subscription model for users who have exhausted the limit of reading articles on website.

If the reader is interested and wants to continue reading, the resources offer him to purchase a subscription.
The subscription model is an excellent tool for monetization of the site, besides, it forms a useful modern habit for the reader.

. Sponsored (partner, sponsored) content
You've probably noticed that some of the blogs or sites you regularly read offer content related to certain brands.
If such content is served in the most natural form, it is not annoying and is generally perceived calmly. For instance, native advertising, which, as part of the sponsored content, fits seamlessly into the context of the media space on which it is placed.

Sponsored content is very attractive and effective as a way of monetization, but Google's search engine may be regarded as a violation. Advertisers usually ask to insert a hyperlink to the desired webpage , for which the search engine can impose sanctions.