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Started by diy05, Aug 23, 2022, 12:40 AM

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diy05Topic starter

Hello forum users.
There are a number of domain names. They have some traffic. The domains are in the DP parking lot. I would like to place referral links on the parking page of each domain in order to at least slightly compensate for the cost of its renewal.

Which affiliate programs do you use?

Most affiliate programs do not work with parked domains. They need sites.
I want to find something that works, and for which it would not be a shame.


Depends on the history of the domain name. generally, if you are too lazy to study history or there is no point, then hosting affiliate programs or advertising your own websites.

I usually leave the default sales page (template) of our parking lot, which modestly advertises the hosting provider that hosts the parking lot. According to the owner, this is more than enough to pay for hosting. Moreover, I sometimes get it, but not regularly. Those. First of all, I pay for the parking itself.
By the way, some registrars also have affiliate programs. You can easily beat that case, like "The domain is registered in .."

For that, I don't use separate affiliate programs for one topic, but large CPA affiliate programs, where there are offers immediately for a bunch of completely different topics, first of all it's Admitad, and if something is not there, then Cityads is in these two almost certainly it will be possible to pick up at least something relevant for any domain name topics.