Afternic Domain Parking...Is it Really Godaddy Parking? Is this Good?

Started by diy05, Jun 23, 2022, 08:04 AM

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This week, I took the leap and placed a large group of domains under Afternic Parking, using the for sale "NS5,NS6" landers (no parking ads).
To my surprise, the lander has "GoDaddy" rather than Afternic is showing up on the landing page.

Is this good? My domains are being sold through Afternic, so it's puzzing why GoDaddy should appear? And, it raises questions, like their prohibition against listing domains in their auctions and for sale pages that are expiring within 90 days.
Any thoughts on this?


Godaddy owns afternic and they are in process of rebranding afternic to godaddy
Dont use sedo or afternic for parking
I did categorize the few names i am forwarding though. Pretty ancient that section. Still say Dan is the best, all that other will blow away, like adam dicker is a criminal or preached then breached

No stats from afternic, i get visits to parked pages in control panel but none are parked there


Took a more laid back approach some years back. So I contacted my GoDaddy rep and he suggested I put the names (about 250+ or so) I want to sell on Afternic. Just send him a spreadsheet with the names, prices, etc. I did. Followed all the instructions. Finally check on it after all this time and find that some of the names actually do resolve to an Afternic/GoDaddy landing page, just the way I want, while many others are still stuck on old parking pages from some other companies years ago.

I contacted Afternic and they said I'd have to go in to my GoDaddy account and change the nameservers for the ones that don't resolve correctly.

Seriously? Wasn't GoDaddy supposed to do this?

Well, yes, but since they didn't, you'll have to.



GoDaddy bought Afternic. The plans include the inclusion of auto transfer support for domain names hosted in GoDaddy, the so-called Premium Promotion service, as well as other interesting features.

Afternic has its own parking platform that works with Google and a number of other feeds. Parking is not required to list a domain name for sale. However, in our experience, parking with the placement of the This domain is for sale banner with our phones doubles the turnover of the average portfolio by connecting qualified brokers.