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Started by shabdli, Oct 07, 2022, 12:04 AM

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shabdliTopic starter

Having limited domain name parking experience, I would like to get information about automatic keywords and strategies for using keywords manually.
 I can't find the exact answer on the forum, but if you know the topic, give a link.

More specifically:
You park a domain portfolio. The goal is to get the best traffic analytics in terms of quantity and quality. Most of the domains will be put up for sale, but a minority may linger for a long time with effective traffic monetization.
Depending on the domain name traffic quality indicator (confirmed "visits"/"unique" according to Parking Co.

How long do you allow automatic keyword optimization if it leads to the display of suboptimal types of ads (not related to a common/domain name and very low clicks EPC ~0.00 USD, for example, traffic in the USA):

 Especially on a Bodis?
 Have you created more relevant ads with more EPC clicks as a result of manually sending keywords to Bodis?

 Especially in Sedo?
 Does manually submitting keywords lead to more relevant ads (with higher EPC clicks)?
 Sedo has many systems. Especially "Main Category", "Main Keyword" and "Related Keywords". What settings are important for manual ad optimization?

Thanks a lot for any pointers of practical experience


In order for domain name parking to protect you from trademark owners' complaints, you need to rely on the general meaning of the words included in the domain .
The content of advertisements should also be appropriate. As lawyer Karen Bernstein notes, domain name investors should take a more thoughtful approach to domain parking. She recommends using the services of those companies that provide an additional "Negative keywords" service when parking domain names. With its help, you can exclude some keywords, for example, brand names, from advertisements.