Do you use anyone ?

Started by Рупорт, Jun 21, 2022, 02:53 AM

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Do you use anyone ?

I'm considering trying again At the moment I only park through the bodis. The ones you use have big differences between (bodis, parkincrew sedo, etc.?) Which company is the best for you at the moment ?

socialreger offers rotation, so your not locked into one company and one payout. We use competition and our Direct advertisers to maximize your full portfolio.
Not to mention the marketplace and brokerage. We now offer Managed Monetization which is a more streamlined monetization avenue. Happy to answer any questions anyone may have about


The service has been operating for a long time, but as I see it, many domainers do not use that service, possibly due to various circumstances, but most likely without understanding the peculiarities of the service. At one time, this kind of service was a novelty in the domain name monetization market and the decisive factors that the service set were "maximum income" and "maximum convenience".

First, a few words about the service itself, and then we'll talk about how to work with it ..
What does domain name optimization service offer everyone?

Revenue maximization:
Maximize the return on your current domain parking revenues by choosing the most efficient services for each domain name.

Service benefits:
Automatic optimization of your domains;
Easily check and compare different parking services from one dashboard;
Automatic redirection to another parking service if there is a drop in revenue.

Maximum convenience:
A single panel in which all parking services are collected and you can compare all parking companies for each domain name.
Use your existing parking account!;
Full transparency of real income from domain parking;
Detailed analytics: geo-graphics, search queries, hits, hits from URLs, etc. is not only parking service, but a complex analysis and optimization tool that supports many different parking services, such as: DomainSponsor, NameDrive, RookMedia, Sedo, etc. and best of all, it's absolutely free!