Does anyone make money on websites these days?

Started by Dmitry328, Jul 05, 2022, 01:40 AM

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Tell me what's the situation...
Can you still make money selling links to dead sites? SAPE there?

Basically, how do sites monetize these days... By traffic?


Each case is different.
If there is a lot of traffic, but there are no site rating - then they monetize with contextual advertising, for example.
And if vice versa, then links selling.
Each site has own type of income.


You can monetize the site through the sale of links, but they must be thematic. You can place banners, cooperate with partners by advertising their services, and, of course, monetize traffic by installing ad units. With good attendance, you can get a stable passive income. But in fact, there are many more options for making money on the site. Here you need to see which options are more suitable for the characteristics of the site and test them in practice.


First you need to decide on a strategy for selling links.
You can sell a lot cheaply, or you can set prices above average, artificially reducing the number of external links. In many ways, it all depends on your web site.

Purposeful earnings on links will not do without working with exchanges. Each service has its own individual characteristics, but the general algorithm for eternal and temporary links is approximately the same.

In the case of the sale of eternal links on exchanges, you need to go through the following steps:

Registration on the site -> Adding and moderation of the site -> Waiting and processing direct requests from buyers -> Receiving funds.

In GoGetLinks, money is credited only after indexing the page in Google. By selling rental links, for instance to Sape, another stage of code insertion is added to the web site pages, as a result of which links will appear automatically. Payment for them occurs monthly, although accruals to the account usually go daily.
When working on exchanges, it is important to devote enough time to this. Fast processing of new applications will help to earn a good reputation, which is likely to increase the number of customers in the future.

How to sell links correctly to avoid filters?
If you still chose this method of earning, it is important to sell links correctly so as not to fall under the filters of search engines, or to reduce this risk. Here are the rules for safe sales:

Write an article under the advertiser's anchor;
There is no need to place links already in indexed articles;
Do not place more than three selling links in one article;
The anchor used in the text should be written as naturally as possible;
Do not publish links to young web sites;
The subject of the site should correspond to the subject of the link/ article;
Do not trade temporary links, but use only eternal ones. 
The situation on the link market
It is important to understand that search engines do not welcome artificial manipulations affecting the ranking of web sites, which is obviously the purchase / sale of links.

Sites that sell and buy links fall under the filter of search engines.
First of all, those who do it abruptly and massively (hundreds of thousands of pieces) are under attack, but there are examples of pessimization and relatively normal resources. So I advise you to use the mass sale of links on your site as the last tool when there are simply no other monetization methods. And sell expensive eternal links on any decent web site, they will not harm you!