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Started by SHADOW_FANTOM, Jul 12, 2022, 02:52 AM

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Colleagues, tell me, what are the existing parking lots at the moment?

preferably, with the possibility of placing thousands domains and to transfer to a template with a feedback form and without a direct indication of the domain selling.

+maybe make a list of all current parking lots..



I can say: the domains on parkingcrew were kept (something even drips from the google feed) and on domainparking, but now they have strongly set me up by changing the initial template to a direct sales one.
I will need to consider options where to move, or to my own hosting, if there is no suitable option.

who uses parking lots now? which ones are cool?

plccourses – the world's largest parking operator. – no less popular parking service. Its advantage is a higher cost per click than that of SEDO. Namedrive also does not support some systems.

Domain parking gives a good chance to earn only on domain registration without creating a web site. We are talking about the registration of hundreds or even thousands of domain names, because one does not have to wait for a significant profit from one.
The people involved in this business are called cybersquatters. With the help of special software, they register abandoned or unpaid domains on time and park them. The profit consists of the display of advertising and resale of domains at prices significantly higher than the cost of registrars.