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Started by HarshMehra, Jul 06, 2022, 12:28 AM

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Tell me why with 300 daily clicks I have only 0.2 cents for parking?
How to properly set up parking on a sedo?
Thanks in advance!


Apparently, all sorts of bots are clicking.
Without details you can't exactly say what's wrong. Park the domain on your server and look the logs who and what they click there.


Parking is the registration of a domain name on the parking service server (f.e. Sedo), after which visitors will be redirected to the specified valid third–party web site or parking page. The page may contain advertising or service information.
How do search engines perceive domain parking

Webmasters often have a question about the need to leave domains parked until the web sites are placed on them. Search engines do not recommend doing this. Google, for instance, does not display parked pages in search results. The search robot cannot immediately respond to the placement of content on such pages, which is why indexing occurs with a long delay. To prevent an empty domain  name from falling into the field of view of search engines, its indexing can be prohibited using a file robots.txt . It is best to disable domain parking three weeks before the site is hosted on it.

Parking as a storage method This method helps to preserve domain registration and prevent them from being bought up by competitors or cybersquatters. How do the owners of trademarks and online stores use parking? With its help, they are guaranteed to retain their names, which are today the main tools of successful marketing. The domain name is bought, parked, after which the developers can safely devote time to developing the design of the site, searching for materials and other concerns. It is no longer necessary to take care that a good name will be "taken away". The possibility of parking is provided by many domain registrars for free. In addition, you can place ads on the page and earn income using special services.
In addition to the fact that the names are safe, the parking service provides the following features:- e-mail box for feedback;- designers of parking pages with templates;- redirection to another web site with the desired domain saved in the address bar.- parking with the replacement of the domain name in the address bar with the desired one (this is a redirect parking).Parking is also used in cases when visitors of several sites are redirected to one. This is especially true if the site names are similar. In order to do this, the central web  site is hosted, and all the others are parked with redirection. Traffic is also redirected to the main resource. Knowledge about parking is especially important for web site administrators, as it helps to avoid duplication of content and excess load on the server.

Domain Parking Services

Free parking is primarily the DNS services of Google. In addition, some providers offer customers domain name parking as a bonus when using web hosting. These offers can be quite profitable, but before using them, you should inquire about all the conditions for providing such services.
When parking domains on search engine services, in addition to DNS servers, customers get access to additional services. These are mail, cloud storage, website development, and so on.

How to make money on parking Parking allows you to earn on a domain name without creating a site. No web hosting is required, no need to develop content, invest money in promotion. You just need to register a domain and park it successfully.
Cybersquatters also earn money in the parking lot by parking purchased names awaiting resale. Such earnings help to recoup the costs of maintaining a variety of domain names.
The amount of profit received depends on how well the names are chosen, how many units are parked and other parameters. The greatest profit is generated by the domains on which the web sites were previously hosted. They have a certain circle of visitors and a reference mass. The higher the weight of the site in search engines, the higher the cost of advertising on it.
When a new domain is parked, an advertisement is placed on it. Visitors click on the advertisement, and the domain owner receives a certain profit. In order for the earnings to be quite tangible, you need to park about a hundred domains.
Anybody can earn money from parking. To do this, it is enough to buy a domain name and enable advertising. You can do this with the help of one of the parking services.