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Started by socialreger, Jun 21, 2022, 02:58 AM

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I am kinda new in domain selling and I want to know which domain parking I should go for:
Should I go for afternic, dan or sedo?
Which one of the above generates some revenues?

And talking about nameservers, which nameserver I should set my domain to (dan, sedo or afternic)?
I guess when we talk about domain parking then we're talking about a nameserver and a landing page right?


The problem is when you dont know what to check before registering the domain, there is a 95% chance it will not produce any traffic. From the remaining 5% 80% will have some traffic, but not enough to cover the renewal costs.

So its very important if you want to earn revenue from parking to use different tools to predict if the domain will produce at least 10 USD+ per year.Sometimes you get lucky and register the domain which is on average one dollar per day, but those are extremelly rare nowdays.


In order to send a domain to hosting, you just need to know the ip of the hosting webserver and have access to domain management. Next, you just need to specify this ip in the A-records in the domain name settings. All! We are waiting for the changes to take effect and check the operation of the domain (site) from the new hosting.

If you want to manage the domain from the control panel where you ordered hosting, then you need to add it to the hosting provider's NS and specify these NS in the domain (you can find out the hosting provider's NS either from his technical support or in the hosting provider's FAQ).

You can find out exactly how to change the NS in a domain either from the FAQ of the current domain registrar (the company where you pay for the registration / renewal of the domain), or from their technical support.

Let's single out a couple of parking lots, these are and
Both parking lots are similar to each other in many respects, someone will like sedo more, someone will like namedrive. For me, the name drive is better.
In addition, the average cost per click on a namedrive is slightly higher than on a sedo, and it also increases slightly depending on how long the domain is parked and how much traffic it receives. Although everything in this world is relative, and for somebody the result can be exactly the opposite.