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Started by the_architect, Jul 03, 2022, 07:32 AM

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Explain for newbie  please, what is domain parking?


Domain parking is a method of placing Internet advertising and the services provided within its framework, which consists in placing advertising on domains that are not used for hosting websites.
More than 40% of all registered domains, for whatever reason, are not used by their owners. They are registered either to host the site in the future, or for sale, or simply forgotten.

In fact, in the ordinary sense, parking is a page with advertising and a page with contacts for buying a domain. The owner of parked domains receives income for domain visitors clicking on advertisements.


Parking a domain on a parking service does not cost much.
Service puts an advertising  to the domain. Sometimes this can be managed, but it all comes down to choosing keywords and headings for advertising.

You can't add your own content (at least I haven't seen this).
I came across an offer to place an automatically updated site on parked domains to host articles that no one checks and get paid for it.
My opinion - free parking is not worth it.


Domain parking is linking it to a specific temporary page after registration. You can park the domain, in fact, at the registrar, as well as on third-party web  sites: this service is offered by many web hosting providers and other Internet services specializing in the provision of parking.
What is domain name parking for? The first (and main) thing is to secure a certain domain after its registration, in case you cannot immediately link it to your own resource for some reason.
For instance, if you have the idea of the project, the name and concept have already been chosen — but before the implementation you need to solve many more large and small tasks, and the domain name must be registered while it is free.
In addition, with the help of a parked domain, you can earn money, thus "beating off" part of the costs of starting your business. So, for instance, on the page to which you linked your domain name within the parking lot, you can place third—party advertising - and then you will make a profit from each click on this advertisement.

Also, sometimes parking is used to set up a redirect: they register a domain that is consonant with the one used for the main project web  site, park it and put a redirect on the main one. For instance, you can register a domain name with an error that users often make when typing an address.
Then, even if you make mistakes, your customers will still get to your web site.
Domain parking is also often used by cybersquatters, domain buyers: they register many domain names that are consonant with the names of well—known brands, and then offer these brands to buy such domains - of course, at a significantly inflated price.
If you decide to park your domain name, it is important to remember that you will not be able to promote the page: there will simply be no content on it that would be indexed by search engines. To be safe and not incur the wrath of search engines, you can prohibit indexing using a file robots.txt .