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Started by rizeno, Jul 08, 2022, 05:07 PM

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Tell me how quickly, without signing a contract, to transfer the domain by push method within one registrar. Which domain transfer manual is better to use.


I can write how the domain is transferred by the push method at my registrar.
  • We go into your account and click on the link "All list of domains / services".
  • Select the domain you want to transfer. In the menu that appears, select "Transfer domain to another user".
  • Next, enter the login of the person to whom we transfer the domain\domains.
  • We confirm the transfer.
Your settings may be slightly different, but the general principle is the same.


Make sure that:
your domain's contact information contains a valid email address this you have access to;
the domain name transfer is not blocked by the current registrar (the blocked ones have a mark in the status: clientTransferProhibited). You can check the current status of your domain by using the whois service. To remove the lock, contact the registrar;
at least 60 days have passed since the registration of the domain or since the change of the domain name registrar;
a questionnaire with domain contact details has been created and filled in, the questionnaire data must match the domain contact details. It will be possible to create a questionnaire in the process of sending a domain transfer request, but it is more convenient to do it in advance;
there is enough money available to renew the domain name  for a year.
The transfer is free of charge, but according to the rules of some zones, the domain name  must be additionally extended for 12 months during the transfer process.
Getting the transfer key (code):
Notify the current registrar of your intention to transfer your domain, ask them to send you the domain name authorization code (auth-code or transfer-key).
Domains in the zone .ru and .Starting from August 30, 2016, to transfer a domain, it is enough to get an AuthInfo code (transfer key) from the current registrar and apply for transfer from the future registrar, specifying the AuthInfo code.
The registrar must make all the changes necessary for the domain name  transfer.

A request for confirmation of the transfer by the domain name administrator will be sent to the email specified in the domain's contact information. In the response, you will need to specify the authorization code (auth-code).
After receiving confirmation from the domain administrator, the domain name transfer process will be initiated.
The transfer is completed immediately after the transfer is confirmed by the current registrar. If the current registrar ignores the transfer request (does not confirm, but does not refuse), then after 5-10 days the domain name will be transferred automatically.
Important! The process of changing the registrar does not affect the performance of the domain name.