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Started by kosmon, Aug 11, 2022, 04:06 AM

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kosmonTopic starter

I want to sell the domain through Telderi, and there, in order to confirm that it is my domain, I need to register TXT dns records.
And the domain is parked at domainparking.
Question: How to register TXT records to Domainparking?


telderi do not have to wait and check their newly entered key, their business, as before, without keys, is to accept money, wait for confirmation from the buyer, and pay out the funds. that is all.

this is especially stupidity if a lot of transactions with domain names have already been made on the account, without any claims.
but no, it is necessary to shovel and complicate everything.

for this you need
1) so that all domain names are tied to some kind of hosting (if you have a registration - then a registration, otherwise - separately already additionally paid)
2) register in each of the thousands of domain names all these a-record settings

bulk transfer of domains between parking lots is performed by one group operation to change dns at once for all.