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Started by Алинка, Jun 27, 2022, 04:26 AM

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Greetings everyone, although I have been following this forum for over two years now, this is my first post on DNray. Currently, I have a few domains parked which have generated a decent income for me, particularly those with high EPC/CPC. It's worth noting that one click or two in a domain worth $30 is better than 20 clicks in a domain with CPC of $1, but this depends on various factors like traffic, niche, etc.

My question to the community is if anyone here earns their livelihood solely through domain parking and if it's feasible. If feasible, I would appreciate it if you could share some screenshots highlighting high clicks, monthly revenue, etc. Lastly, please pardon any mistakes in formatting or grammar as English is my second language. Thank you all in advance for your generosity and transparency.


It's essential to be aware that losing a domain to UDRP not only can result in losing ownership but also affect the domain's authority, particularly when it comes to zero click ads. A page consisting solely of advertisements may impact sales, as it may appear to be spam and potentially deterring buyers.

Although historical domain data is crucial, it's usually not an issue for ultra-premium domains, which can lead to substantial parking profits but are rare. Parking companies generally generate most of their revenue from a small percentage of high-quality domains. As demonstrated, most domains yield minimal profits, if any.
There are more efficient ways to monetize domains, but they require initial investment and effort. Parking is a popular option because it's straightforward.


Here are some categories of domain names that have the potential to generate a considerable income if you have enough of them. It's crucial to ensure that you're not breaking any laws.

1. Typos - Domains with slight spelling errors of highly popular websites can earn significant parking revenue, provided the ads are related. However, it's essential to note that not all domains with typos will yield good results. People often confuse typos, so it's vital to research thoroughly before investing in such domain names to avoid losing money.

2. Dot com domain of a popular website with a different extension - If a website with a different extension receives a lot of traffic, owning its dot com version can generate substantial profits as long as the parking ads are relevant.

3. Domains with traffic from old links, etc.

On the other hand, certain types of domains are unlikely to make much money, regardless of what anyone tells you.

1. Exact match domain - Having an exact-match domain for a keyword (EMD) that does not fall into any of the above three categories is unlikely to be lucrative. Even if the domain is, relying solely on typing keyword traffic is no longer viable.

2. Low-quality traffic - Parking companies won't risk their feeds by using your low-quality traffic. Be cautious when purchasing clicks from sketchy marketplaces.

Is it advisable to park domains that you intend to sell? Yes, it does not matter. Despite having a landing page with irrelevant content, serious buyers who are interested in purchasing your domain will still find you. In case you have a sales agreement, it'll be valid for 24 hours.


Depending on requests and how much you spend per month. I earn about a thousand dollars a month. Not so much, but it's exactly the same as how much I earn at my main job. Professionals can earn even more.


Domain registration and parking has been a lucrative business for some time now. Purchasing a domain name and linking its DNS addresses to a parking service is a smart way to earn money without having your own site or web hosting. Commercial parking services have emerged due to the vast number of registered and unused domain names.

There are numerous parking services on the internet, so it's crucial to choose one that suits your needs. When selecting a service, pay attention to the proposed topics, interface convenience, and withdrawal methods.

For instance, is an auction platform for domain names that boasts over 4 million parked domains. The user-friendly interface allows domain owners to set their price or accept offers from advertisers. However, withdrawing money through can be inconvenient for users from the CIS countries since the minimum amount is $100, and funds are only payable to a bank card or via PayPal.

On the other hand, is a free service that allows users to park their domains and place targeted Google ads. Users can select a suitable template for their page, and payments are made to their PayPal account monthly on the 15th. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.

When choosing a domain name, successful parking requires adhering to specific rules. Domain names should include keywords frequently used by search engine users, popular things or object names, intentional typos of well-known brands, sites, and companies. It's also essential to avoid promoting parked domains, as this practice is prohibited by most parking service rules.

Furthermore, search engines strictly discourage websites with minimal content other than advertisements and impose sanctions on them. That is why many parking services prohibit indexing parked domains listed in the file robots.txt. Nevertheless, these domains may still fall under the ban of search engines.

Cybersquatters constitute the largest group of domain parking enthusiasts. They purchase domains in large quantities for resale purposes and park them to earn money for their renewal.


Domain parking can definitely be a lucrative source of income if done right. While I cannot provide specific screenshots, I can provide some insights about earning a livelihood solely through domain parking.

Many people have successfully made a full-time income from domain parking, but it does require careful planning, research, and a bit of luck. Factors like the quality of your domains, traffic volume, niche relevance, and the advertising providers you choose can greatly impact your earnings.

It's also worth noting that generating higher revenue doesn't solely rely on the CPC or EPC values of your domains. The number of clicks, the quality of the traffic, and the engagement of the users all play a role. Sometimes, a lower CPC domain can generate more revenue due to higher click-through rates or better conversion rates.

Ideally, you would want to target domains that have high demand in terms of advertisers and potential buyers. Generic and keyword-rich domains tend to perform well. Additionally, keeping an eye on industry trends and ensuring your domains are relevant can help maximize your earnings.

points to consider when it comes to domain parking and earning a livelihood from it:

1. Diversify Your Domain Portfolio: Instead of relying solely on a few domains, it's wise to build a diverse portfolio with multiple domains. This spreads out the risk and increases your chances of finding profitable opportunities.

2. Experiment with Different Ad Providers: Not all advertising providers perform equally well for all domains. It's worth experimenting with different providers to find the ones that generate the highest revenue for your specific domain portfolio.

3. Optimize Your Parking Pages: The design and layout of your parking pages can impact user engagement and click-through rates. Testing different layouts, colors, and calls-to-action can help optimize your pages for better performance.

4. Stay Updated on Industry Trends: The domain market is constantly evolving, and staying informed about industry trends can help you identify valuable domains and niches. Being proactive in researching new trends and emerging markets can give you an edge in finding profitable domain investments.

5. Network and Learn from Other Domain Parkers: Joining online communities, attending conferences, and networking with other domain parkers can provide valuable insights and tips. Learning from the experiences of others can help refine your strategies and improve your overall performance.

factors to consider when it comes to earning a livelihood solely through domain parking:

1. Quality of Traffic: The quality of traffic that your parked domains receive can greatly impact your earnings. Higher-quality traffic from targeted sources is more likely to result in clicks and conversions, leading to higher revenue. It's important to focus on attracting quality traffic through various means, such as optimizing SEO, leveraging social media, or running targeted advertising campaigns.

2. Domain Monetization Strategies: In addition to traditional parking, there are other strategies you can explore to maximize your domain monetization. For example, you can consider affiliate marketing, where you promote products or services related to your domains and earn a commission on each sale. Another option is leasing or renting out your domains to interested businesses or individuals.

3. Market Trends and Seasonality: Different niches and industries have varying levels of demand throughout the year. Understanding market trends and seasonality can help you identify the best times to invest in certain domains or adjust your strategies accordingly. For example, domains related to holiday shopping or specific events may see increased demand during certain times of the year.

4. Domain Renewal and Maintenance Costs: While domain parking can be a profitable venture, it's important to consider the costs involved. This includes domain registration and renewal fees, as well as any maintenance or marketing expenses. Make sure to factor in these costs when analyzing the profitability of your domain portfolio.

5. Continuous Learning and Adaptation: The domain industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies, trends, and regulations emerging. To stay competitive, it's crucial to continuously learn, adapt, and upgrade your skills. Stay updated with industry news, attend webinars or conferences, and explore new strategies to stay ahead of the curve.