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Started by Алинка, Jun 27, 2022, 04:26 AM

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here on DNray even though I've been following this forum for over two years now.
I have some domains parked and I've been making some money with them, especially those with high epc/cpc (because 1 click or 2 in a domain of 30$ is better than 20 clicks in a domain with a cpc of 1$ – depends on the traffic too, niches, etc.)
My question here is the following [and to give me a little motivation too], does anyone here make a living exclusively from domain parking or could you live if you wanted to?

If you could complement that with some screenshots I would appreciate that ; What I'm asking is for high clicks, monthly revenue, etc.
Sorry for any mistake, I'm Portuguese (but raised in Andorra from 2 to 12 years old)
Thank you all for your generosity and transparency
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You may not only lose a domain to UDRP but you may also deplete the domain's authority, especially where zero click ads are concerned.
Having a page of nothing but ads can also impact sales as the domain appears as spam and may turn off buyers.

Historical data of a domain is important. However, if the domain is ultra premium this is not an issue and can lead to significant parking profits.
But this is rare. Parking companies make most of their money with a small percentage of high quality domains.
As you have shown, most domains only make pennies, if even that. There are better ways to monetize them but require some initial investment and effort. Parking is easy, why it is popular.


Type of names you could make a living off (if you have enough of them). Make sure you are not breaking any laws.

1. Typos: If your domain is a typo of a very popular domain, you could earn very good parking revenue if the ads are related. Most people think they have a typo name but they don't. Typos are not what you want them to be. I would elaborate but prefer not to waste my time, you will learn from getting screwed, not from reading my honest advice.

2. Dot com domain of a popular other extension website. If gets a lot of traffic and you own you could make good money as long as the parking ads are related.

3. Domains with traffic from old links etc.

What will not make you money (not much) regardless what anybody tells you:

1. EMD domain that does not have any of the above 3 qualities. Even if your domain is TYPIN keyword traffic is dead. It used to be a thing, now its dead (small money).

2. Fake / bad / low quality traffic. Parking companies are not idiots and will not risk their feeds because you think that someone selling "human" adsense safe clicks on a marketplace is legit because of their reviews. Everyone complaining their parking account got banned had it coming.

Should you park names you want to sell? Yes. It doesn't matter. Serious buyers will buy the name even if it goes to a 404, they will find you. In fact, your landing page could have a photo of a horse taking a dump on a photo of the buyers wife and it still would not matter for a serious buyer, might even motivate them.
Sales agreements valid 24 hours.�


Depending on requests and how much you spend per month. I earn about a thousand dollars a month. Not so much, but it's exactly the same as how much I earn at my main job. Professionals can earn even more.


Domain registration and parking has long been a profitable business. By purchasing a domain name and linking its DNS addresses to one of the parking services, you can earn money even without having your own site and web hosting. The reason for the development of commercial parking was the huge number of registered and unused domain names.

Parking services
There are quite a lot of similar services on the Internet today. When choosing, you should focus on the proposed topics, the convenience of the interface and the withdrawal of earned money.
Foreign auction of domain names, with the number of parked domains more than 4 million.
The service has a clear interface and a simple registration procedure. The domain owner can specify his price or accept offers from advertisers. For users from the CIS, the inconvenience lies in the fact that money is withdrawn only to a bank card or via PayPal, the minimum amount for payments is $ 100.
A service that allows you to park domains for free and place targeted ads on them from Google partners. The user has the opportunity to choose a suitable template for his page. Payments are made to the PayPal account monthly on the 15th, the minimum amount is $ 20.

Secrets of successful parking
The guarantee of good traffic and solid earnings is the right choice of a domain name. Even a large number of domains will not bring tangible income if you do not adhere to certain rules of their choice. For these purposes, it is recommended to choose a domain name using:

keywords (words and phrases most frequently typed by users in search engines);
names of popular things, objects, names;
well-known brands, sites, companies with intentional typos.
Having parked the domain for the purpose of earning money, you should not promote it (purchase paid links, place them in catalogs, social networks, etc.) since that is prohibited by the rules of most parking services and their owners can ban the account without paying the money earned.

Search engines also have an extremely negative attitude towards web sites that lack information other than advertisements, and impose sanctions on them. Knowing that, parking services prohibit indexing of parked domains in the file robots.txt however, sometimes such domains still fall under the ban of search engines.
The largest category of users who are interested in domain parking are cybersquatters. They acquire domain names by the hundreds, and even by the thousands, for the purpose of resale, in anticipation of which it makes sense to park and earn for domain renewal.