My domain + someone else's site = monetization

Started by moonlife447, Jul 11, 2022, 04:28 AM

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moonlife447Topic starter

People give me your opinion.
I intercepted several domains (They forgot to pay them), found that they have traffic. did the following experiment:
ns server exposed the old owners, the sites started working again.

It turns out, as it were, my domain and their website
How can i put my banner there? through a frame with a banner to transfer the domain to their site, or to download their site completely, place banners and upload them to my hosting?


Since the domains have been abandoned, it is not a fact that the hosting will be extended.
And as soon as the payment for hosting ends, then the sites will stop working.

Contact the former owners. At least you will know why the domains were not renewed. Consciously or accidentally.
If by chance, you can sell them back at a similar price.


Try to download the site entirely. Either with the current dns, or from the web archive. And host it on your domain.
Then you can put any advertisement.