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Started by prctshplc, Aug 18, 2022, 12:42 AM

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Good day!
I need advice from the old-timers of that business and from newcomers who have made up their minds... Domains hung for a couple of weeks at the Sedo parking lot and the result is more than sad! Exhaust - a penny, periodically some domains redirect to somewhere websites, a couple of times to Facebook ... I need advice about parking or not? If parking, where? If not to park, then how to monetize? Domains are mostly .COM... That topic has been raised more than once on the forum, but there is no specifics, and the topics are outdated. I would like to hear about it today. Thanks.


Not needed by these SEDOs)
There wasn't much money anyway.)
All their parking is scolded.

If there is no traffic to domains, then no matter how much you park them, you will not get anything.