What is the best platform to park domain ?

Started by Mycrib, Jun 21, 2022, 02:55 AM

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What is the best platform to park your domain and generate PPC revenue?


In the interest of contributing to the community I wanted to provide you my answer to your question by giving a more in-depth answer to simply saying "just try each one and see which pays you more". The sad reality is, that is actually the correct answer. But the reason that's the answer is much more complicated than that.

Having been in the parking business for 14 years with thousands of domain names parked, here are the variables that are involved in answering the question that you and countless others have asked:

1. Parking Contracts with G – I'm not allowed to say the company but you know who "G" is. The reason I'm only talking about tier 1 advertisers and not all of the other advertisers is they dominate this space and generally pay out of the highest. Each parking provider has a contract with G that defines the terms and conditions of that contract, one of which is what percentage of revenue the parking company will receive for bringing traffic to their advertising customers. Some of the parking providers that have been around for many years may have secured a better contract than new players (of which there hasn't been any in years), but generally speaking, the share of revenue or revshare that a parking provider receives is based on the amount of traffic and more important the quality of traffic that converts to the goals of the advertiser. For the most part, G already can predict based on the type of traffic they receive the percentage that will convert based on sophisticated analytics and data warehousing of all traffic that they track. Parking companies receive a Traffic Quality score based on the traffic brought to them from the parking companies. I'm fairly certain that the higher the traffic score, the greater the revshare to the parking company; the lower score will result in a lower revshare, and if too low, the contract is terminated.

2. Parking Company Traffic Filtering – For reasons noted above, it is in the Parking Company's best interest to have as high quality traffic as possible because at best it increases their profits with G and at worst prevents them from losing the feed. One of the biggest areas of internal development is to filter out bad traffic, or prevent the visitor from reaching the advertiser links. The more sophisticated they can build these filters, the better chance they have of maintaining or even increasing their traffic score. That's why different parking companies report different number of visitors for the same domain. If you have a domain that typically has bad converting or fake traffic (even if it's not your fault but you bought a domain that was bad to begin with), it is going to ultimately be filtered out. I suspect the Parking Company can also identify customers that have bad traffic due to the DRID ID that gets assigned to you by G when you first open your account and ultimately can ban you based on feedback from G (such as chargebacks, reports of fake traffic, shared reports of bad domains or customers with other parking companies, etc.). So one parking company may "allow" more traffic to get to the site and others may be more conservative and filter a lot of visitors. Your domain may be able to get more money in the short run due to more forgiving filtering, but in the long run the domain and/or your account will get higher chargebacks and ultimately banned altogether.

3. Parking Company Revshare – Parking companies cannot share with you what percentage of the pie that you get because of three reasons: 1) The contract with G forbids publicizing it due to the variables I mentioned above; 2) Publishing it is then exposed to their competitors which can drive customers to someone else and 3) the actual revshare with a customer is variable. There is a base percentage revshare...for example, one of the parking companies who went public several years ago had to state that they pay 75% of what they get and keep 25%, but that revshare can go up or down for a customer based on a number of factors, such as the quality of traffic, chargebacks, size of their portfolio, etc. So no, it's not a fixed percentage – for myself as an individual player, I already know my revshare is higher than an average customer (portfolio size, traffic quality, trusted relationship due to longevity with provider), but in actuality I don't know how much higher.

So there you have it – lots of variables to answering a simple question. So what parking provider did I select after years of trying various providers?


You can register where it is easier, you can also register with the hosting provider, if the prices are right for you.
To join a hosting or service, it will be enough to change NS (name server or "name servers" is one of the main settings in the domain properties).

Most hosting providers help with this, even the client's participation is not required. Or directly from the registrars, as colleagues advise. Depends on personal convenience and satisfactory prices.

there are services for parking domains like there http://www.sedo.com , http://www.namedrive.com /.
Sometimes registrars have free services for their domain names of a similar property. Some even offer to monetize them. But the best way to do this is to get hosting, a virtual server - and install everything you need (a web server for a parking page, etc.) and then catch up with traffic to domains. Get full control over the entire process. The price of a domain with high-quality traffic can be many times higher than the price of a domain without web traffic.