Best platform to park domain ?

Started by Mycrib, Jun 21, 2022, 02:55 AM

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Hi there!
Could you recommend the optimal platform for domain parking and generating PPC income?


To assist the community, I would like to offer a more comprehensive answer to your question rather than suggesting that you try each platform to see which generates more revenue. Although it may seem like a simplistic answer, there are various factors involved that make it more complicated. With 14 years of experience in the parking industry and thousands of parked domain names, I can outline the variables that impact the answer to your question:

1. Contracts with G – The largest player in this space is a company referred to as "G", and every parking provider has a contract with them that covers the conditions and terms of the arrangement. The share of revenue or revshare allocated to a parking provider is based on traffic quality and traffic quantity, which converts to the goals of the advertiser. The more traffic volume a parking provider receives and better traffic score they receive, the greater the revshare from G. If a parking provider receives a low traffic score, their revshare drops, and if it becomes exceedingly low, the contract with G gets terminated.

2. Traffic filtering by the parking provider – Parking companies will try to provide high-quality traffic to keep their profits up and prevent losing their feed. They do this by developing mechanisms to filter out poor traffic or prevent a visitor from accessing the advertiser's links. The more complex these filters, the greater the chance that their traffic score will remain stable or even rise. As a result, different parking companies report different visitor numbers for the same domain.
A domain that typically attracts poor quality or fake traffic that results in chargebacks, reports of fake traffic or poor customers, and shared reports with other parking companies may be banned altogether. Therefore, while some parking providers may have more forgiving filters that generate higher short-term revenue for a domain, in the long run, such domains and accounts could become a liability and be ultimately prohibited.


You have the option to register your domain wherever it is convenient, including registering with your hosting provider if their prices are suitable for you. To link your domain to a hosting provider, you simply need to make changes to your domain's name server (NS) settings.
Most hosting providers offer assistance with this process, and sometimes it can be done directly through registrars at colleague-recommended sites. It all depends on personal preference and the prices that meet your expectations.

There are parking domain services like Sedo and Namedrive available or free services provided by some registrars similar to their domain names. Some of them even offer monetization opportunities. However, the best way to park your domain is to acquire hosting and a virtual server, install necessary software such as a web server to create a parking page, and obtain traffic to your domain.
This provides full control over the entire process. A domain with high-quality traffic fetches a much higher price than a domain without web traffic.