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Started by TDSko, Jun 29, 2022, 03:15 AM

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No marketplace seems to have a good landing page.

Sedo: annoying cookie warning, people can't even see it is a domain sale page.

Dan: Great landing page, but you need to wait 30 seconds. I can wait, but endusers wouldn't.
Lots of fake sales (buyer not paying) recently. Reason (probably): there is a green "OK" icon, and
buyers are not told what it means. Dan is great for domain investors who want to bid on
hundreds of domains everyday: they can accept-reject without opening negotiation window.
But sellers want to sell to endusers who are not familiar with Dan.

Afternic: High commission (not a big problem if it sells), and it works without landing as well,
so why park. Afternic is for domainers, and something which connects Godaddy agents to domainers.
Endusers wouldn't go to Afternic to buy domains.

If the buyer is a domainer, all work well. Usually it is not. A professional looking,
fast loading, simple (but not too simple) landing page needed.


since, those places are producing sales,
then their landers must be good enough to move inventory.

then again,
it's not the lander that the buyer is interested in.... it's the domain that points to it.
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You can use NameContainer to make your own landing page.

It allows customers to purchase domain names through PayPal, Escrow. In addition, multiple domain name platforms (Such as After,SEDO,DAN,Epik...) can be set up for each domain name. Customers can choose the appropriate platform for guaranteed purchases. A full range of domain name transaction methods can help you better selling domain names to customers.


About NameContainer Domain Parking Script

With this script, you can manage the landing pages of all your domain names as you like, Such as:
1. Some domains can make offer, and some not
2. Some domain's landing page is coming soon ( For trademark related domains, this will be very useful )
3. Redirect some domains to the buy now page of Godaddy, Sedo, Dan, Namecheap...
4. Some domains Implicit Forward to other website
You can design some templates by yourself to implement some other functions you need.