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Started by Сергей Нижегородцев, Jun 22, 2022, 10:48 AM

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Hey guys! I'm new to DNray and new to domain investing/domain parking. I've been trying to learn how to improve my CTR on Bodis and optimize my domain's revenue. I've seen some people say they changed the master keywords and some say they changed the related searches.

How do I find the proper related searches or keywords to put into bodis? One's that will convert and get clicks and won't get rejected by bodis? So far I've been hitting around 1-3% CTR. I'd like to get it to at least a 10% if possible. Hopefully you guys can shed some light and wisdom for a novice.


I am going to get to the point but to help others new to parking I will include a small intro.

The way bodis is setup is that when users get to your page they see a few big links they could click on. If they click on one they see a list of advertisers. This is a fair way to protect advertisers from wasted clicks.

If the visitor does not find any advertisers to click on because it is not relevant to what they are looking for, bodis will record the keyword they clicked on the first page and mark it as a 0 because they did not click on an advertiser.

If they clicked on an advertiser than the keyword is marked with a 1. It is possible that one person will click on 2 advertisers. So you could have 1 hit but 2 paid clicks.

If you are getting the clicks for the keyword books, your domain probably fits in one or more of the following categories:

1. It was once an active website that sold books
2. It is a typo or collecting a leak from an extension other than .com (if you own xyzbooks .com and there is a site xyzbooks .net that is popular you could get traffic to your dot com from them.
3. Your domain is an exact match domain with typin traffic

If you check the referrers section in bodis and then click the URL option, you might be able to see the websites that are sending you the hits. If you see nothing, option 2 or 3 of the above are likely.

The issue is that if people visit the domain and cannot find an advertisers that fits what they need, they will obviously not click.

You must know why people are coming to your name, if its a once active website, go check archive .org and see what that site was about. Check the pages that link to your domain, what is the link title, what are people expecting?

Once you have that data you will know what keywords to suggest to bodis and if they follow your suggestion it might help them select better advertisers and this will increase your paid clicks.

As an example, if you find out that it was once a website that was focused on business books, and people link to the domain from sites promoting it as a place for business books, having a main link that says business books and advertisers that match that would give you a good CTR.


My Bodis account has been working fine for the last 12-15 days and suddenly it was banned without warning.
If their system detects low-quality traffic, they should immediately block my account. But, they stole my entire monthly earnings at the time of payment.
Something is wrong with their system, or they are cheating everyone, including me, by taking our hard-earned money and playing with our emotions at the same time.