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Started by rishisab, Nov 05, 2022, 03:57 AM

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Hi for all.
I have not yet to receive a payout from
Has anyone managed to make money parking domains at


the client's money is debited without the client's permission. There is no way to return the debited money
I've been their client for many years. And 2 years ago - something changed for them:

DomainAdvertising became real scammers:

1. auto-renewal appeared automatically: money is debited from the client's card or account without warning and there is no way to return it!

the client cannot cancel the auto-renewal - this is a system of fraudsters' work!

2. Auto-renewal is NOT set by the client, but automatically. And it can't be undone.
3. it is impossible to give up the domain (cancel the domain you don't need) remotely. And a person is forced to pay this site for life (if there is no way to come to the office or get to the notary) - this is a system of fraudsters' work!

the company ROBS its customers.
To all complaints and appeals to the support service - the answer: all the conditions are spelled out in the contract.