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Started by np.carzspa, Oct 23, 2022, 12:16 AM

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Hi forum members, I have a problem with  parking. My domain names are closed using ns1/ns2 Afternic DNS, but it shows nothing (after 2 weeks) shows a blank page.
My parking status is approved in Afternic , but still faces this problem. After talking to some forum members, they encountered the same problem. Besides contacting support, are there any other ways to work around this problem? (The support is very poor, I'm waiting 3-5 days for "dumb answers", etc.).


Once upon a time, I put up some delicious domains in the listings
And just now a good offer came for one of the domains - even despite the extortionate 25% that the auction rakes, the amount was more than acceptable (8k).

I went through all the steps of their escrow system and after the money came from the buyer, I transferred the domain name to my escrow manager. Up to this point, everything was wonderful and fast. I performed this operation already on August 8.
Since then, some kind of incomprehensible dynamo has turned on. The loot seems to have fallen on the account, but the manager and the support does not go to contact - they simply do not answer how to withdraw funds is unclear. Well, I think - a considerable amount, I'm from Russia - maybe they check the purity of the transaction with time, it happens.

But a week ago I received a letter from the BUYER - with the content "FROUD SALE DOMAIN ***.com! .. WFT?!!" - in short, the buyer still paid on August 6 and did not receive anything on the 20th (!). Well, I wrote to him - like I'm a seller, don't fuss, the money fell on my account, the domain seems to have escrow managers - here are the contacts of my managers, phones. He kind of called, got through (!) and put them in, and they quickly handed over the domain to him.

Well, I think my questions will be solved right now. However, the fuck is bald!!!
For a week they have not responded either by the internal ticket system or by general mail. When you call, they transfer you to the department for working with foreign clients and make you listen to fucking music for 5-15 minutes.

I would have scored, of course, and would have left the withdrawal to the machine - they make payments every month.
But, I can't even specify the payment details - they stupidly lack fields where you need to specify the account number of the bank account (!!)
Actually, the question is - am I so unlucky or is such an old afternic office so rotten that they cannot establish a service even for clients who give more than 1.5k for one operation?


the Afternic has an inconvenient search engine, there is no, for example, a Sedo, a choice of several zones at the same time, then with an empty search query also leaves on the main page. then the domain name, buy now, etc. filters do not work in the list of auction domains. The search engine is only based on keywords, but it is fixed with a link at the top and throws it to a new page again.
at Sedo, after adding the domain, you need to confirm your right to own this domain, I sent screenshots from the portfolio to the registrar. checking 90 domains took about 3-5 days.