User based discrimination at Dan?

Started by Efremof, Jun 24, 2022, 04:43 AM

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Do my domains parked at Dan resolve?

Yes, they load instantly.
1 (25%)
Takes a few seconds.
1 (25%)
Takes more than 10 seconds (in the first attempt
1 (25%)
Some are slow some are fast
1 (25%)

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EfremofTopic starter

None of my domains parked at Dan resolve (in less than 20 seconds).
Registrar doesn't matter. It is purely Dan made problem.
It must be intentional.

Why I think so:
Other people's domains resolve instantly.
Not sure if most people are like me, or
only a few intentionally discriminated users are like me.

It is not registrar related.
It is not ISP related.
So the only remaining possibility: users are not treated equally.
There is at least one more user like me.

Let's check what their criteria is.
And they lie and pretend everything is ok.
Maybe they are not aware of this problem
(if so they are still responsible for it,
because there is an easy cure
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Loading has always been fast for the the parked pages, but maybe you'll find others on the forum that have had the issue and got it resolved.
Is there any difference if you choose to have the pages directed internally to their marketplace?


That is a pretty big claim. You are accusing a company of discrimination and lying.

Big claims require evidence. The burden is on you to substantiate these claims with something more concrete than just your beliefs.

First of all why would be discriminating against you personally? What is their motivation?

Why would they do that instead of just not having you as a customer?

There are actually many possible reasons a website could load slow, it seems like quite a jump to conclusions by you.

moonlife447 Account suspended and not responding to inquiries for 3 weeks. The chat is nonsense and blocking the chat. They also had an unwillingness to answer before, but it's not at all clear here.

Strange office, though I liked it.
90% of the domain names that were there were added many years ago. I added the last domains in February, in May the account was still working, it refused to sell.
All the same domains hung on SEDO.COM for many years, I still use SEDO account, sometimes I buy domain names, sometimes requests come and weigh almost the same domains there, with the exception of a pack of 2s .WS, which were bought at auctions