NOT recommend BODIS PARKING >> Absolute waste of Time and Money

Started by Fess, Jun 22, 2022, 10:51 AM

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FessTopic starter

I come to tell you why I do not recommend BODIS.
NEVER EVER. It is an absolute waste of time and money.

Account created many years ago but with very little movement.
It has been a few years without movement and in the last few weeks I have added a few domains, about 15 domain names to re-testing. Domains with some backlink created in the past that have been registered by hand and some typo domains.

I generated about 15 dollars and today I find that I can't log in to my account.
I try to change the password but nothing changes.

I have sent an e-mail to support with the problem and this is the reply:
Thank you for contacting us. I've just taken a look at your Bodis account and I'm afraid it appears to have been flagged recently after your domain names received a large spike in false ad clicks. It is against our Terms of Service for you to click on our ads.

We regret to inform you that your Bodis account has now been closed and any earnings generated as a result of these low quality ad clicks will need to be withheld.

Unfortunately we will be unable to continue to support your domain names moving forward.

Thank you.

To clarify points:
1- Logically I never clicked on my ads. Once the DNS has been changed, I only enter once to see if ads are shown, but at no time click on any of them.
2- They don't warn me about anything. They just left the account deleted directly and I'm the one who has to realize that I can't log in to my panel and when I send an email to support they tell me that my account is cancelled.

If they believe that any domain names received a large spike in false ad clicks they should have systems in place to detect and stop them. The owner of these domains can do nothing to prevent it if he has not been made by him.
Therefore, they can suspend your account whenever they want. Without proof, without telling you anything, losing your balance and a lot of time.

I am quite upset.
I don't have a single reason to trust them.
I hope this company disappears soon.


I have been using Bodis for about a year without any issues.
I would say they have systems in place to track any suspicious activity either you click on your own ads or tell your friends to click on your ads. I trust Bodis so I would say it's probably your fault.


Clearly, a very frustrating experience. Can you reach out to the company, to ask if the account could be restored if the alleged false clicks are eliminated?
Or was there so little income from before, that you really prefer not to continue with them anyhow?

Ideally, they would have protections in place, that automatically void multiple clicks that appear in violation of their terms of agreement.
Otherwise, domain owners could become victims of someone attempting to get a domain faillisted or even void their parking account.
Good luck in trying to sort this out.