Zero ad-revenue from domain parking (at Sedo and Bodis) - Not Worth It

Started by ipt, Jun 27, 2022, 05:33 AM

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I parked my domains with ads on two platform: Sedo and Bodis (through Dan), and (as an act of public service) I want to share the "results".
I pointed most of my domains to Dan and configured the domain monetization service Bodis (still using Dan's landers but through Bodis which displays ads, one can configure it in the settings), and listed some of my domains on Sedo Parking. I will share the results of the past month, which represent the overall rather laughable experience:
On Sedo, where I parked roughly a hundred domains, during the past month the domains had 500 visitors, which overall earned an amount just shy of $1 (RPM - revenue per thousand visitors – was .61c as seen in the screenshot below)
With Bodis (using Dan landers), I parked several hundred domains, they got roughly 3000 visits in a month, their ads generated a handful one or two clicks, earning me a revenue of less than $1 - again (screenshot added).
Note that I own a portfolio of decent domains, in fact some have quite a few backlinks and thus regular monthly clicks.

Conclusion: During this period, ad-parking on these two platform generated virtually zero ad revenue, and I also had considerably less inquiries and sales than before.
Therefore, I have returned to clean sales landing pages and am putting more effort into making them attractive (considering possibly brandable platforms for a few domains).

I did not have much experience with ad-parking prior and so I see this as a good learning experience.
I know that others have had similar or sometimes better results but it appears that at this point in most cases ad-parking isn't worth it anymore compared to simple landing-sales pages (or of course a developed site if one is able to do it).
Hopefully, this info will be of assistance to some, and encourage parking services to improve their systems.


one can certainly draw their own conclusions, but often some aspects may be overlooked.

also, everything depends on the actual domains in question, and sometimes how long you "test" the change in platforms.

it is possible that having ads may have affected sales and inquiries,
but it's also possible that you may have already sold the better names from your list...which could account for decreased interest in the rest of them.

Good Luck!

Koza Dereza

Thanks for sharing the information, and helping promote realistic expectations regarding parking.

Did any of your domains have a high per click advertising revenue? Also, did any have a high number of exact name searches for two words?
I just learned one of my undeveloped domains had advertising revenue up to $9 per click, and about 600 exact google searches for the two words in the .com. Did any of your domains have a high exact search and/or high click revenue? I'm debating whether to sell, park, or develop it.


Referring to , you risk losing not only your money, but spending a lot of nerves. In short, they have a great site on which there is a lot of useful information, all promotions, discounts and prices for goods are indicated, everything seems transparent. 
By the way, u a lot of reviews are located on the main page of the site. All the reviews are positive, people say that great company. When I saw this, I did not doubt their honesty at all.  I made an order and paid for it almost immediately. But at one point I just couldn't track where my order was, because the site didn't work for several days.

It was impossible to get to the website, call the also. A few days later, I contacted technical support after all. I was told that I was worrying for nothing, and I asked them to cancel the order! This is arrogance on their part. In addition, I found many people on other sites who faced a similar problem to mine. I am now writing a claim in .
But, unfortunately, I read on other sites that thus, time is dragging on and soon they will simply disappear and open a new site, and of course no one will return the money. THIS IS A FRAUDULENT SCHEME FROM ! And you, before you order something from , think a hundred times and be careful! Don't mess around never!