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Started by brown.parker23, Jan 24, 2023, 12:53 AM

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Hello. I don't really understand the pitfalls of the process of buying-renewing-protecting a domain name, so I ask for advice.
What do I need:

    Several domains in the FR zone and international zones for important "white" projects
are the maximum possible protection, including from sanctions actions like those practiced by GoDaddy

Hence the questions:

    In the direction of which registrar (namely the registrar, not the reseller) Should I watch? Or maybe I need to order domain names from several registrars?
    What real actions can be taken to fully protect the domain name?
    I've heard about the existence of special registrars aimed at protecting domain names like Brandnames, Safenames, cloudflare - but I'm not really aware of what this protection is all about - are they worth attention?

I will be grateful for answers and any advice!


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it must be remembered that everything is changing, and support can act illogically in any case
, the best thing is a US Entity and a US registrar, it will help to react quickly, but no more + act according to the law (expensive), this is when he sees native American pieces of paper and moves the rolls.

there is no protection for the com domain if the USA court says to transfer.
everyone is protected from theft: 1) by the impossibility of transfer after registration within 60 days (this does not prevent you from transferring to another acc from the same registrar, and outwardly you will think that everything is fine)
2) registrars have features like do not open a secret domain name without additional info (what to request - you ask yourself)


There is more freedom with international zones, but also problems. For example, if you hijack a domain name to a registrar in India, you will not get a decision in your favor. Or UDRP for a lot of a lot of money. You can take the Google Domains registrar, for example, but remember about the Evil Corporation, which does not even respond to emails..

In general, it is worth choosing one registrar for .FR and other for .COM, so as not to keep them in one place for greater security.
You can take one domain from one registrar, and another from another. Then there will be more security. But in general, you just need to choose a normal registrar.