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Started by viktalina, Sep 16, 2022, 03:08 AM

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Tell me, maybe somebody has encountered the verification of accounts to receive payments in the crypto?
It's just that no verification is needed on the old account, the day before yesterday the domain name was pushed and today the funds came to the exchange in a cue ball, but on the new Dan.com account there was a sale on Friday already, and they are still verifying my data that I sent them, and there is simply no window where to enter the bitcoin wallet address - there is only a bank and a stick. Support is still silent.

Who has faced such a thing, how long do they verify and can there be any sanctions for several accounts with them?
It's been a relatively long time since I've been using payments by swift, although they come faster than 3-4 years ago, but it's more suitable for me to receive a little less than ten percent in the cue ball and there.


Dan takes 10% for himself + commission for the SWIFT transfer itself.
The commission is 5% if you find a buyer directly and create a deal with him,
9% - if the domain name was exposed on their platform, and they buy it through them.

There is no exchange rate difference for bitcoin. Everything is as I described above.


Dan.com blocked the account and do not respond to requests for 2 weeks. They talk nonsense in the chat and block the chat. They had an unwillingness to answer earlier, but it's not clear at all.
It was a strange desk, even though I liked it.

Due to the fact that they blocked me, I went to buy a domain in the AfterNic and bought myself perfectly)
The domain name must be said to be inexpensive and at the same time it turned out to bargain.