DynaDot turns out to be customers cheating

Started by Crewingtop, Jul 10, 2022, 11:08 AM

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CrewingtopTopic starter

A few days ago I ordered an interception at http://DynaDot.com, before that I had done it many times.

Today I decided to check, it turned out that the domain has already been registered for another client today, and my order is still hanging, like everything will be soon...

I wrote to the chat, the chat said that it turns out through the API and even mere mortals can apply for registration and the one who ordered the domain for interception will loose.

I did not expect such a set-up from such a company as DinaDot... I always considered them one of the best registrars. Disappointed (

Be careful with them.


There was a similar situation. Firstly they deceived, then they admitted that the api bypasses their interception ...

Then I googled about them and found a topic where they ban an account for a far-fetched reason for trying to transfer from them after the domain expired.


I've had that happen more than once. Moreover, it happened by chance that I put it on interception in their system dynadot.com and he also loaded it's interceptor.
So my IP was intercepted from dynadot.com domain.
So that's right, and I've had a situation like you two times.

the domain is accidentally not in the zone .net? I recently had 2 similar cases and both for the .net zone. It looks like they just broke the interception of that domain zone.
In one case, the domain name I ordered just became free and I registered it slowly through their panel even without an api.