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Started by eetplus, Oct 22, 2022, 01:03 AM

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eetplusTopic starter

Is anyone having problems with EasySpace?
I can't do a domain transfer.


I specifically applied to Easyspace  support to remove the auto-update - at first I didn't ask.
With previous correspondence by email. I know I deleted this option, but surprisingly it was automatically updated again. I get regular monthly emails that I don't see because I know I've turned off auto-renewal, so you pay extra for the bill - and my renewal shouldn't be until November, but should have been in October.
The response to the mails was quick but unhelpful. Never believe that your account has not changed — always check at least 1 month before the renewal, because the renewal date is the payment date — a month earlier — there is no reason for this.


I do not recommend Easyspace  to anyone. I paid for the domain mail 10 days ago, it is still being created. When I was asked to return the money for an unproven service, I was told that it was impossible. The purchased domain from them, as it turned out, was registered somewhere.
The support service asked 2 times to wait on the line for 25 minutes at my expense, and in the end they did not answer to the point. They sent me to another service whose response needs to wait 72 hours. There is no one to write a complaint. The money cannot be returned. And I will not contact them, despite the payment for services. Complete shit!!!! Avoid it. I hope my review will help someone avoid such troubles. Work with more reliable registrars.