Godaddy lies! What is "status 93"? What a load of manure!

Started by zetta81, Jun 22, 2022, 05:51 AM

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So just got off the phone with a Godaddy Rep.

Something "fishy" going on with my transfers out of Godaddy. The receiving registrar said there was an issue. Mind you the receiving registrar I have a different email address from my godaddy account. I did not check my Godaddy account email.

The transfer was blocked by Godaddy. I was advised by the receiving registrar to contact Godaddy so I did.

The Rep tried to tell me that I needed to renew my domain before I could transfer out. Horse poo.

Seriously Godaddy? Do you guys need to resort to trickery? or ommission of the truth?

Check the link below. This is the timeline for .com's at Godaddy. Up until the 18th day you can transfer out. Their website even says +19 is redemption day.

So I ordered a transfer at a different registrar for my Godaddy domains.

So the domains in question expired 4/19/22 and some 4/20/22.

I told the rep that I was within my right to be able to transfer out but she kept saying the domains I am trying to transfer out were in Status 93.

What the heck is status 93? I assumed it was redemption. I feel embarrassed to say but I never bothered to ask "what is Status 93?"

So I felt stuck. Either renew the domain for $18.99 let the domains go into redemption at Godaddy. I mean $18.99 is not as bad as a $90 redemption but still it's the princple. I should be able to transfer out.

Finally I checked the email account associated with my Godaddy account and see emails that said all I needed to do was remove the privacy on the domains I wanted to transfer out. That was all the problem was. And then I got an alert at the receiving registrar that the domain's auth codes were incorrect. Thereby even delaying the transfer.

Something very weird going on here.

I was never asked before with my recent transfers out of Godaddy to remove privacy. Why now?

Next? The excel sheet I have now was downloaded months ago and all the auth codes on there worked for all my other domains. So why this specific list of domains ALL and I REPEAT all the auth codes are INCORRECT? I downloaded a new excel sheet for all my Godaddy domains with auth codes and the ones I submitted for these transfers were indeed not correct. The next auth codes were totally different.

What is going on here? Here's what I think.

I think since I am transferring domains out recently from Godaddy. It may have triggered this "prevent a customer from transferring out of Godaddy" automated system whereby auth codes are changed and then a new rule where domains can't be transferred out unless privacy is removed.

If someone is trying to transfer out domains from Godaddy and isn't paying attention can end up with domains going into redemption because of the delay caused by incorrect auth codes and privacy not removed.

but the real problem I have right now? is that Godaddy Reps are OUTRIGHT LYING THRU THEIR TEETH.

they say you can't transfer out BUT YOU CAN. (I DID)

So I removed the privacy just like the Godaddy email said to do.
And then downloaded a recent excel sheet with auth codes.
submitted one by one new auth codes.
and now domains are on their way to the new registrar.


What kind of employees does Godaddy have? It's just blatant lying. Seriously.

Don't ever take a Godaddy Rep's word for it. THEY WILL TELL YOU ANYTHING JUST TO KEEP YOUR MONEY WITH THEM.

You can transfer out within 18 days after expiration.

I guess the only worry is what time zone Godaddy uses as far as tracking those 18 days. Depending on time zone you could be plus or minus a day or hours.


Many registrars makes one go through loops and hoops in order to transfer out. Notably for me, Namecheap (just one example) - one of the reasons I ceased using it.

GD still has a lot of die hard fans - for reasons I can't fathom. They might perceive it as simple? (it's not)

I use GD too, like most of us here, because I buy closeouts and get transfers in etc.

Your case is one on the edge for me (redemption etc) and while the thing aggravated you, I think you might have had problems at that point with other registrars too. Support offered a solution. It's okay if you'd ask me.

However GD still allows you to download domain list with auth codes and transfer everything in bulk, which is good for us domainers. Many other registrars don't.


It would take the whole internet to log the idiocy and incompetence of GoDaddy. I reluctantly admit their marketplace has chops, but in the very rare case I get something there I bring it out the first possible chance. I recently transferred a few hundred old names from there and about 10% were fouled up to a significant degree (10+ hours of wasted time each over a period of many days). So over them.

The fast transfer feature is worth a try but only works if they don't have any issues with the domain. Since they specialize in issues, both real and imagined, you might want to hit the button with a garlic necklace and your fingers crossed.


I asked for help to connect the domain, and several times an employee assured me that the domain name was already connected.
It was quite the opposite, because domains don't magically connect by themselves, and mine wasn't even registered on the GoDaddy service.
It is at this moment that a professional technical support employee is testing the DNS domain to check where your domain is pinned. GoDaddy tech support is just lying to me. During this correspondence, I was constantly just looking at the screen, waiting for at least some kind of answer.

Finally, I was able to get the data about the name server from the employee in order to connect my domain name, and with that we said goodbye. It turned out that it was the wrong name server, and, of course, no miracle happened. I had to solve this problem on my own.
When I wanted to ask to install my theme and configure WP, the online chat was unavailable for several hours, and I just left everything as it is.

Later I sent a message asking for help with site optimization, and at that moment the strangest thing happened.
I started a dialogue with several employees at once, sending one or two messages at a time, and then they all suddenly disconnected. The last employee I talked to suggested installing the WP Smush plugin. It wasn't bad advice.

And even with this plugin, the page loaded very slowly — in 2.2 seconds.
No longer hiding sarcasm, I asked — is this really the best time that the GoDaddy service can show, and the employee enthusiastically confirmed: "Yes, this is the maximum speed of hosting!"
Yes, already, if a hosting employee says that such a low download speed is the best you can expect, you have to believe.