NameSilo's Stupid Renewal Refund Policy

Started by socialreger, Jun 24, 2022, 04:31 AM

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So today I went through my emails and saw that I had an email from NameSilo renewing a few domains that I had with them. Well I didn't want those domains renewed and they were to expire on May 17th, 2022.
Namesilo renewed them and when I contacted them today, 5 days later. They said they couldn't give me a refund because they had a 48 hour refund policy. Well my domains were not expired yet so I haven't used their service yet, what's the big deal?

Are they really this desperate to try to rob customers from a few dollars? No where on their website or emails state that they have a 48 hour refund policy on services that hasn't even started yet.

Well I filed a dispute with Paypal and decided to share this info with the rest of you since I'm having an irated day with this company.

Besides that, everyone have a great Mothers day weekend!!
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i'm not sure how they configure new domains, but they do renew on the first of the month all names that are set to expire in that month. all that are set to auto renewal that is.
i know you don't want to read this but if they were set to auto renew in may you can't really blame them for carrying out your wishes. you should have changed your renew settings. i turned some of mine on and off earlier this year.


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