How I can complain networksolutions?

Started by praktik_man, Jun 22, 2022, 10:28 AM

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praktik_manTopic starter

hi everybody.

i have big problem with networksolutions.

firstly after change site interface my home page dont see letter "i" and replace with "ı". i mean if my domain like "" i see "ınterface.ıo". and i cant access domain.

secondly i want to transfer my .io domain. i get 2 times aut code. and 2 times google domains dont accept this code.

i wrote almost 4-5 times and definitely dont solve anything. and still i cant access my include "i" letter domains and still i cant transfer my domain.

really and really what can i do?


Forum members would love to help you. The lack of responses to your posting probably indicates that it is not entirely clear what you mean. Could you explain a little more clearly what's going on?


I solved the invalid auth code problem through their support chat, but I had to insist. First time I tried, the support agent told me it was out of his scope and I needed to call them.

The second support agent helped me out but I had to emphasize that I needed them to generate a brand new auth code, instead of sending me again the one that doesn't worked.

About your other problem, try to access directly to the domain manager. Login to your Network Solutions account and then type this URL on your browser, just change the last part with your domain name:

Hope that helps.


The is terrible. Somehow our account is linked to another unrelated company.
Our people are administrators of their accounts and vice versa. They have access to each other's credit cards, and the billing is confusing.
For several months, we had "urgent" service requests open, and nothing happened. I went ahead and lied and promised that someone would take care of it, but nothing happened.
They refuse to let me talk to anyone in the leadership and won't tell me the name of their leader. This speaks for itself - their management and management do not want to talk to customers who have problems, they want to avoid it and hope that they will leave. Meanwhile, my account is completely messed up and the security is exposed. Avoid them!