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Started by Rimmon, Aug 16, 2022, 01:07 AM

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Once again, Schlundt and partners make us happy. On the site another promotion, that time, I think that is unprecedented, judging by the prices for domains.
So, registration and transfer:
.info - $0.99
.com - $4.99
.net - $4.99
.org - $4.99
What is especially nice is that no ICANN fee is added to promotional prices, as, for example, with GoDaddy.
I don't remember anything like that with them in the last two years, usually only info boxes were very cheap.
The promotion is valid until August 30, so hurry up. All successful registrations and transfers.


I registered a .life domain at them at a $0.99 discount. They took the money, the domain started, everything is fine. And a couple of days later they issued an invoice for the total cost of the domain over $40 and tried to withdraw them from the card. I don't understand what kind of joke it is, the support service is not visible on the website, only by phone. All in all a lousy office.


There are a lot of bad reviews about this registrar, but exactly a year ago I saw for the first time that they were giving out domains for free and, out of curiosity, I registered an info box for 0 bucks. As a result, they issued an invoice for 18 cents (ICANN fee), paid through a stick and that's it.
Now I'm dropping it, they sent a notification, but I didn't look at how much it costs.
Perhaps if I extended or tried to transfer (although there was a code in the personal account), or if I had a lot of them, then problems would arise, but I can't say anything bad about them.
(The only thing, they got sick with offers to distribute their referral link for some gifts...)

By the way, if anyone needs it, I can pass it on. However, I'm not sure that this can be done for an expired domain name ..

TerryMcCune is crooks, after paying, thought for a long time, then blocked the account. The money was not returned. I don't recommend it.
in the chat, they promised that the money was already being returned, waited a week and issued a chargeback in the bank, closed the virtual card and opened a new one, because, as follows from other reviews on other resources, they may after some time "mistakenly" write off money from your card (the data of which they carefully saved) for any services.