NameSilo's Unintelligent Renewal Refund Policy

Started by socialreger, Jun 24, 2022, 04:31 AM

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"So, as I was going through my emails today, I noticed that NameSilo had renewed a few domains that I had with them, even though I didn't want them to be renewed. These domains were set to expire on May 17th, 2022, but NameSilo renewed them before that. When I contacted NameSilo five days later, they refused to give me a refund because their policy only allows refunds within 48 hours.

But, since I hadn't even used the service yet, I don't see why they couldn't issue a refund. It seems like NameSilo is eager to take money from their customers, without clearly stating their refund policy on their website or in their emails. Frustrated with this experience, I decided to file a dispute with Paypal and share this information with everyone else. On a positive note, I hope everyone has a lovely Mother's Day weekend!"
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I'm not certain of their process for setting up new domains, but they seem to renew all names set to expire in a given month on the first of that month, provided that they are set to auto-renewal. While I understand you may not want to hear this, if your domains were set to auto-renew in May, it's difficult to fault them for completing the renewal as requested.
It may have been wise to adjust your renewal settings before this occurred - I made changes to mine earlier this year.


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