Started by mariastro, Nov 24, 2022, 12:03 AM

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What's wrong with NetworkSolutions? I was given an authentication code... 3 weeks before the domain was sold, I was still given the same invalid authorization code.
Dan had to contact them personally for the transfer. Now I am trying to transfer my domain name to Dynadot and it says the authorization code is invalid.

Is this a joke? 4 domain names in a row — invalid authentication code I want to move the domain and plan to move all domains from there.
But I was given the wrong code... Contact customer support about the previous name and yes. They still gave me the same authentication key, even though I told them it was invalid.

Who does this work? Seriously, bot?


You may need to manually type in the authcode. Do not copy and paste.
NetworkSolutions inserts an extra blank field when you copy the code.


one of the disadvantages of Network Solutions is that the price is too high.
They also said that their accounts were blocked and that the customer support service was not working well. Another disadvantage is the waiting time; according to users, it can take a long time to receive responses from the support service.