To whom complain about the registrar?

Started by PrimoPierotz, Aug 14, 2022, 08:06 AM

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PrimoPierotzTopic starter

Please tell me how to complain against the registrar.
The bottom line is that the registrar blocked the account for non-payment for the renewal of one of the domain names and now I can't pick up the rest.
Generally, there is another domain there, not particularly valuable, but still impudence.

there was one .info left (more precisely, two) one was not extended and the account was blocked.
there is no special value, it's just an interesting question to write a cart on them or it's just a waste of time.


Through ICANN, domain names are being pulled with a bang. True, you will have to sweat a little with English, if there are problems with the language, and also, to confirm your identity in the way proposed from the other side of the ocean.
only those who contacted 1and1 fell for a divorce from this shit registrar and initially did not have the ability and strength to pull anything out of a higher authority.