Started by akeelow, Jun 27, 2022, 11:37 AM

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As there is a lot of talk online about Internet.bs being a registrar that looks after their clients, offers bulletproof domains, etc I would just like to share my recent experience with them:

My competitor sent them a fake complaint about my website claiming infringement (this has happened with other registrars before and it was communicated to me or resolved or I was able to transfer my domain name)

They disconnected my domain about 18 days ago, on the 5th of May without any communication or notice or anything. The first I found out about it was when I visited the site and saw it was dead.

I emailed them and ask them to resume my service of give me my EPP code so I could transfer to a new registrar. They requested a copy of my drivers license, passport & utility bill. I provided that to them 10 days ago - and guess what happens next?

They RE-ENABLE my domain name but point the name servers to their parked page so they can earn ad revenue from my traffic and customers, and that was the last I've heard of the situation.

So please avoid my mistake and go elsewhere - even GoDaddy, NameCheap etc are more reliable as "bulletproof" registrars because at least they give you the EPP code to go elsewhere.


If the op does not respond to his allegations then this topic needs to go under fake news.

The company has responded and is willing to investigate the issue. The op has gone silent so I will consider this a baseless claim against the company.

If you accuse someone on a public forum it is your responsibility to respond in a timely manner, the op has not done that.

Credibility here goes to Internet.bs for trying to resolve what at this point looks like a baseless claim.


My experience with Internet.bs has been very good.

I will say if you bulk export your authcodes, in some cases when you copy and paste them formatting is incorrect, leading to the receiving registrar telling you the authcode was not right.
I think in those cases I requested a new authcode, or opened the .csv file as a text file to copy and paste the authcode - in any case, my problem could be solved and internet.bs did help.


Launched a project on the domain. Everything is set up, working, directing traffic.
After 2 weeks, the domain was cut down on Saturday evening for the reason that it did not activate the mail by an automatic letter from the registrar. But nothing came to the mail (then I found out what was in the spam).

Just how can you do that? would write a message that so and so, you have 3 days to resolve the issue. And INTERNET.BS immediately blocked both my domain and the account. Then of course they were exposed, but a simple 10 hours out of the blue!
Honestly, this is the first time I've met this. A real bad office, do not get involved.