Accept My Laptop from Shopper and Ship Back to my Country

Started by Valerya, Jun 24, 2022, 01:10 AM

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ValeryaTopic starter

I have several HP gift cards which I bought time to time from HP for several years.

Few days ago I tried to purchase a Laptop and they say that they do not ship to my country (Sri Lanka). So I tried to use a mail forwarder ( & Hp again rejects my shipment saying they are mail forwarders and they do not ship to those address.

If anyone could accept my laptop to your address and ship it back to me via DHL, Fedex or UPS?

I will pay the shipping cost and will pay about $30. $50

Don't ask me half of the price of anything, because this is not a fake deal or fraudulent gift cards.

Only trusted members please



ValeryaTopic starter



And people keep pecking at these millions! How many times don't teach us, but it's no use! In the same way, I fell for the scam of Mail Service LLC. For six months they have been sending their letters, promising winnings from $10K to million.
I made an order a couple of times just to check, because I was sure that it was a scam. But everything is designed for the human psyche!
Curiosity and faith in "free cheese" give their results! As a result, the scammers are fusing unnecessary junk into the tridorog, filling their pockets, and there is not even a question of prizes and winnings! I just went to the site yesterday and was horrified by so many deceived people.
Why are our people so trusting? THANK YOU that there are such forums where people share their opinions.
If only all that could be taken out into the mass media! People would crawl into their holes and not stick out, not fool people's heads! Such people should be brought to criminal responsibility, it's a pity that our laws are very soft!
In fact, these inhuman steal money from people, promising them a win or a prize!
Pure fraud! Ei scammers come up with something new every time, their head works, but there is no conscience! Even if they do not answer on earth for their actions, they will not escape punishment before God!