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Started by zoesmith01, Sep 29, 2022, 09:38 AM

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zoesmith01Topic starter

I am curious what are the best practices regarding email addresses for your registered domain contact persons and registrant accounts.
Let's say my name is Johdn Ddoe, and I use as the primary email address.
If someone can access the domain name (for instance, using social engineering through my domain registrar), they can change the MX records, meaning I won't be notified of any transfer.

Similarly, if I turned on registry lock and messed up my DNS records. My identity cannot be verified as I cannot receive emails regarding that verification.
So I think it's better to use a common email provider like Gmail and use for my registrar account (e.g. Name cheap) and information about the registrant (data about the owner of the domain).
Is that a fair assessment?
How others approach that, for instance. Use different mail addresses for different types of domain name contacts (registrant, technical, etc.).


After registering a domain , you can create the right number of email addresses almost immediately and use your company addresses. Modern capabilities of "own" email are not inferior to shareware services, but they allow you to monitor the status of mailboxes.
We are not talking about censorship or control over the correspondence of employees, not at all.

Firstly, it is easier to organize such mail addresses. Secondly, the client is more trusting in sending and receiving letters from the "working" address (this gives reliability and formality to correspondence).
Thirdly, if necessary, when an employee leaves the company or falls ill, it is easier to access its business correspondence: you have access to address management and can force the incoming email flow to be redirected to another employee. Well, it looks more solid on business cards.