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Started by Beaker, Dec 02, 2022, 09:32 AM

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We had an unfortunate misunderstanding.
There was a domain name, but the registrar's contacts had an incorrect contact address, and therefore all notification letters went into the void.
They found out that the site was unavailable for 3 days, turned to tech support there, shrugging their hands - they say wait until the domain is completely deleted, and then buy it back. After 6 days, he will be completely free.

And so I have two questions.
  Is there anything I can do now?
  Are there any services for the pre-purchase of domain names, i.e. it is guaranteed that when it is released, no one has outstripped me.


Depends on the registrar - maybe, maybe not. It is necessary to communicate with the registrar. If the domain is short, beautiful and hyped, various bots can still spin around the registrar, profiting from this.

Try contacting Afnic (registry .fr domains)
It is unlikely that they will respond quickly, but it's worth trying.
Continue to communicate with support. Each registrar may have its own settings and policies for domain maintenance, but usually you can try to raise them from the redemption. Just keep in mind that there may be an additional fee (30-$300)

There are such services. It's called Backordering, but I don't think anyone can restore it like that.


you can decide in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) arbitration by filing a claim for the transfer of the domain to you. You can achieve a decision on the return of the domain if:

There is a registered trademark, which gives a high chance of winning the dispute and the probability of returning your domain.
The new domain owner has no rights and legitimate interests in relation to the domain. For example, the new owner does not have a business that can be somehow related to the purchased domain and the new owner does not have a trademark for the domain.
There is evidence that the new owner acted in bad faith when registering. For example, the domain was put up for sale immediately after purchase, or there was no content on the domain for a long time.
The absence of at least one condition will most likely lead to the denial of the claim.

If you still failed to return the domain, then the best option in this case is to buy a domain that is consonant with yours or similar by changing the domain zone. Make a redirect from the old domain name to the new one, where possible, and wait for the SEO reputation of the old domain to appear on the new domain. In addition, the return of the domain through arbitration can take a very long time. While your business should work and generate income.

Simple rules that will help you not to lose your domain and in case of loss, return it with a high probability:
Register a trademark
Specify the correct data when registering the domain.
Configure all kinds of notifications by email, sms, calendars and trackers.
Enable auto-renewals and recurring payments.
In addition to notifications, I suggest adding the telegram bot Your Domain Bot developed by me, which will send notifications 1 time a year to Telegram when you need to renew your domain. By using different sources of notifications and communication, you increase your chances of keeping your domain names and not losing them.