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Started by PlotHost, Dec 05, 2022, 03:18 AM

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It was about a year ago. Well, I looked at what-where for how much, nothing much was required from him, except for a low price. I didn't look at the bottom at all, but I wanted to be inexpensive. Found a suitable option at one registrar , fortunately, I used to register something with them, there was an account left, I didn't even need to fill in anything.

And so, a year passes, and they decided to notify me, they say, you need to pour money if you want to continue to contact the paid address.
Well, I don't mind, in general, let me, I think, extend. I go into the office, and there hello... The second year six times (six times, Carl!!! SIX) more expensive. I understand everything, of course inflation and all that... But after all, I paid for it without any discounts, and I didn't care about any bonus services, just like now.

Can someone explain to me here, is it really me who is so stupid and went into an office where the entrance is two hundred and the exit is three hundred, or did the registrar personally decide to fuck my pocket?


They all have a new feature. You get a lot of unnecessary services. And to extend without them - it's a whole quest!  I have a domain there , and this stuff has been going on for the last 3-5 years. Even their tech support is terribly stupid, they don't know where and what to press.
But in the end, we managed to throw off almost 50%!!!! from the price they declared and last at the minimum.
Because everything else included in these "additional services" is not needed by ordinary people.