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Started by michellemoris, Nov 27, 2022, 02:49 AM

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Can I select several different DNS servers for domain at once so that if one server is unavailable, other DNS servers can get information from another server?
Can I specify different primary and secondary servers and independently maintain the same settings on them?

Do DNS servers initially access the primary or secondary server?
Can I swap the primary and secondary server? For example, it was ns1.example.com , ns2.example.com , and put ns2.example.com , ns1.example.com .


if you are not going to start a full-fledged DNS server for secondaries, and you have no questions with synchronization, then just delegate to google, under the account for which the metric is configured.
Actually, that's all. The capabilities of the Google DNS server are enough for you to the ears.
this one helped me - netbreeze.net , from cloudflare .


there are enough reasons to have your own NS servers. Usually, to solve these problems, hosts configure a pair of name servers in master-slave mode. At the same time, domain zones are created on both servers, but domain zone resource records are managed only on the wizard.
And the secondary (slave) name server downloads the changes automatically from the master. Thus, you always have two name servers active with an identical set of domain zones and with an identical set of resource records.