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Started by vallam, Nov 22, 2022, 04:00 AM

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vallamTopic starter

Hello everybody, I want to find out from you or even ask for help, I wanted to make myself an email by type daddss@on.asd , but there is a problem, I want to ask you how it is possible to make it so that after @ there is any phrase with a dot?
Is it necessary to create a web site for this, and even if it is necessary, then how to make any word combination I know that there is and so on, so I also want to do it on my own topic.. Help


what you want is very difficult, but on a com domain, by type xх , how not to fucking do. a bunch of mailers provide this service, I recommend protonmail ($ 3 per month). this is the best you can get without serious money.

Or You need:
1) register a free domain, and renew it annually.
2) park it at Google, or somewhere else... And there already create a mailbox for yourself.
I gave the key points, and then to Google..